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Meet our Farmer

 Camperdown Dairy is a local country dairy facility located in Australia’s dairy heartland, Western Victoria. 

The herds that produce their milk and butter are carefully reared and nurtured and are free to graze naturally on the large prime lush green well-tempered and naturally sheltered pastures in Western Victoria.

The farms which supply Camperdown Dairy are all located within 30 minutes’ drive from the factory which means the milk is processed, packed and on its way to Victorian Famers Direct homes within 48hours of leaving the farm.

Camperdown Dairy supply Victorian Famers Direct with their premium Jersey Milk which is sourced from the one farm guaranteeing 100% single origin farm milk.

Camperdown Dairy Butter is made fresh from milk sourced from local farms, packed fresh and never frozen ensuring you have the highest quality butter available.

Camperdown Dairy believe in paying farmers a “fair” price for their milk ensuring the ongoing viability of dairy farming within Australia.