Longhurst Bakery

Longhurst Bakery is a family owned business that have been in the baking industry for more than 160 years. Based in Moorabbin Victoria, their modern facilities and team are producing a wide range of high quality breads.

Since 1852, the Longhurst family have been continually involved in the baking industry making it one of the most experienced and reliable bakers in the country.

The Longhurst family first started in the baking industry in 1852 when William Nicholas Longhurst opened a general store in Daisy Hill, Ballarat. He began producing bread for the locals and this soon became a large bakery supplying the township and surrounding area. William went on to become the mayor of Ballarat and left the business to his son William Edwin. William continued to grow the business and the legacy continued to his son Walter. During this time the Great Depression came along and Walter insisted on baking for his customers in need despite not being paid for it. Unfortunately, the business fell on hard times. Walter went on to open a small bakery in Sorrento and continued the family tradition. He further established businesses in regional Victoria before falling ill and eventually passing away. His two sons William and David then took over the business. David and Elaine Longhurst moved to Melbourne and created the company Delbake. Today David and his two sons Anthony and Daniel continue to operate the family business. David’s two daughters, Nicole and Melina, also continue the family tradition operating The French Lettuce and Melina’s Bakery and Larder.

Today, Nicole, Anthony, Melina and Daniel make up the fifth generation of bakers, supplying high quality baked goods to the retail, wholesale and catering industries.