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Camperdown Dairy

Camperdown Dairy is a local country dairy facility located in Australia’s dairy heartland, Western Victoria. 

The herds that produce their milk and butter are carefully reared and nurtured and are free to graze naturally on the large prime lush green well-tempered and naturally sheltered pastures in Western Victoria.

The farms which supply Camperdown Dairy are all located within 30 minutes’ drive from the factory which means the milk is processed, packed and on its way to Farmers Friend Direct homes within 48hours of leaving the farm.

Camperdown Dairy supply Farmers Friend Direct with their premium Jersey Milk which is sourced from the one farm guaranteeing 100% single origin farm milk.

Camperdown Dairy Butter is made fresh from milk sourced from local farms, packed fresh and never frozen ensuring you have the highest quality butter available.

Camperdown Dairy believe in paying farmers a “fair” price for their milk ensuring the ongoing viability of dairy farming within Australia.

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Schulz Organic Dairy

Schulz Organic Dairy has been at the forefront of organic farming since 1927. Over three generations they have been producing the highest quality milk from their single herd of Friesian and Jersey cows.

Schulz dairy farm is located in a lush band of land in a small township called Timboon, in the south west of Victoria, approximately 20 minutes from the famed 12 Apostles. The farm receives some of the highest rainfalls in the state, which makes their pastures rich for grazing.

Sustainability continues to be their focus and over the years they have added thick bush dividers across the farm to assist rainfall, soil management, cO2 and cattle comfort.

They work hard to make real dairy products that are simple, pure and delicious, processing in small batches with great care and detail right here at their farmhouse factory in Timboon. Nothing is added but natural ingredients to their products. Our yogurt is made from our very own dairy milk, renowned for its rich, creamy texture.

Schulz use organic farming principals to enhance the vitality of the soil, grass and animals, which means their land is chemical, hormone and pesticide free.


Jonesy’s Dairy

At Jonesys Dairy Fresh we want to make sure the farmer gets a fair price for his milk and consumers get a great tasting product at a good price. That way, not only are you getting a great product, Australian dairy farmers are getting a fair go.

Wayne Somerville became increasingly frustrated with the poor price he and other dairy farmers were receiving for their milk. Instead of getting mad, he decided to get even, and late in 2009 started to process some of his own milk and sell it independently. Jonesys Dairy Fresh is the result.

Appealing to consumers on a number of fronts, the Jonesys Dairy Fresh range is fast gaining a foothold in the market. Consumers are responding to the commitment to quality at a competitive price with profits going back to dairy farmers. With the groundswell of support growing every day, Jonesys Dairy Fresh is empowering dairy farmers and consumers in a way that benefits both.