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Meet Frank

Frank is our fruit and vegetable buyer located in Melbourne Fruit and Vegetable market in Epping. Frank sources the freshest fruit and vegetables early morning on a daily basis and delivers them to our depot before midday for our milko’s to commence delivering to you that afternoon.

Frank packs our fruit and vegetables in recyclable cardboard boxes and places as much of the fresh produce as possible into paper bags prior to delivery to the depot. All our cardboard boxes, paper bags and any plastic bags (supermarkets) are recyclable.

Seasonality is hugely important and being at the markets each morning ensures that the fruit and vegetables we deliver are fresh and premium grade. 

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Our Broccoli Lettuce, Parsnip and Celery Farmer

The Favero Gardens Story goes back more than half a century, when two young men who had grown up alongside each other in north Italy decided to immigrate to Australia.  On arrival in their new country they were keen to get to work, any kind of work which would help establish themselves.

In 1931 Domenic Favero took up 16 acres in Narre Warren, not with any idea of making a living from market gardening.  Gradually establishing himself.

That was a very humble beginning but from it has grown one of the most successful market garden operations which this district has ever known.

Today, John & Silvio Favero own hundreds of acres in Narre Warren and supply a large proportion of the vegetable requirements of most states throughout Australia. 

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Our Strawberry Farmer

Sunny Ridge is a third generation family owned property located in the beautiful hinterland of Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

Sunny Ridge Farm beautiful and fragrant strawberries have a rich history that has been 50 years in the making. The farm has grown from humble beginnings to become the largest strawberry producer in Australia using sustainable farming practices. You can taste the love and attention in every strawberry.


Our Carrot Farmer

The development of Rocky Lamattina & Sons Pty Ltd is based on the use of the best available technology, experience, and hard work. 

Rocky Lamattina & Sons P/L is a private, wholly Australian owned and operated company, with its 6,000 acre home base property situated in Wemen, some 75 km south- east of Mildura, on the banks of the Murray River in northern Victoria. Its unique soil and climate was chosen to grow carrots in the colder 8 months of the year. A cooler climate 6,000 acre property situated at Kaniva, the last town before the SA-Victoria border and sitting midway between Nihil and Bordertown, was chosen to grow carrots in the summer months of the year.

Established in 1991 Rocky Lamattina & Sons P/L has emerged as an icon in the Fresh Produce Markets around Australia. They are able to process up to 600 tonnes per week and they pride themselves in being most consistent carrot producers’ in Australia. The development of Rocky Lamattina & Sons Pty Ltd is based on the use of the best available technology, experience, and hard work. It is operated with a personal and moral commitment that can only exist in a well-managed family business.

Rocky Lamattina & Sons Pty Ltd employs in excess of 65 staff to plough, sow, harvest, wash, and pack the produce. Excellent administration is the key to success for an operation of this size. Rocky and his sons Angelo, Phillip and John ensure that quality, efficiency and accuracy operate at all levels of the business, all staff have an important part to play in the delivery of quality carrots to all outlets.    

An agronomist is used to monitor all crops and ensure that the soil is carefully rotated and nurtured. A carefully planned planting and feeding program ensures that the crops receive the best possible consideration. All the crops are controlled by a computer operated irrigation system ensuring an optimum yield from each crop. Everyday, megalitres of water from The Murray River for their Wemen property and artesian bore water for their Kaniva property is showered on the tender growing carrots. The produce is harvested packed and cooled without delay, under the strictest supervision, to maintain freshness and quality. 

Quality control is imperative and operates at all levels of production from the carrots being harvested, washed, packed, pre-cooled and finally loaded onto trucks to be delivered. Rocky Lamattina & Sons Pty Ltd has attained the Safe Quality Foods (SQF 2000 Code) based on the HACCP principles (Certificate Number 00516). 

Rocky Lamattina & Sons Pty Ltd has control over their fleet of B-Doubles, which operate around the clock, preserving the cool-chain and preventing unnecessary strain on the produce, so it arrives in peak condition for our customers around Australia 

Rocky Lamattina & Sons Pty Ltd has long recognised the importance of supplying a product that meets with the requirements of the consumer. It prides itself in having a progressive attitude towards technology advance in the horticultural field, and also as a company that paves the way in innovation and advancements in all facets of the industry.


Our Apple, Pear, Peach, Plum and Nectarine Farmer

Dellios Apples are a family owned and operated business located in Bacchus Marsh
They have been operating in the beautiful Bacchus Marsh valley since 1954. Originally growing vegetables in Werribee for more than 10 years they decided to make the move to the fertile valley of Bacchus Marsh and have never looked back. After moving to Bacchus Marsh they decided to do what most of the farmers were doing, they started plantings Apple trees in amongst the rows of vegetables. After some years they ceased the growing of vegetables and focused on their newly established fruit crops. Today they are one of the major apple producers in Australia.

Dellios Apples having a large outlet in the Melbourne Markets, allows the supply of fruit to many of the smaller greengrocers throughout the metropolitan and country areas of Victoria.

Popular with locals, Dellios Apples also have direct to the public fruit sales from their main facility in the Avenue of Honour. Our "Farm Gate Fruit & Veg Sales", enables locals to purchase fresh apples direct.. We not only grow apples, they also grow a large range of delectable summer fruits including, Apricots, Nectarines, Peaches, Plums and Pear

Dellios Apples orchard plantings in Bacchus Marsh are now in excess of 450 acres, ensuring year round supply of healthy, fresh fruit.

Drop in and visit the farm when you are next travelling through Bacchus Marsh!