Meet Annette & Jim

We have been local milkmen for the past 13 years. We were shocked and devastated when our last business Aussie Farmers Direct closed. We both arrived at the depot to start our daily deliveries only to be told that we no longer had a business.

We passionately believed in what we were doing, and we knew our loyal customers wanted us to continue, so we picked ourselves up and together with a few other passionate milko’s started again. We reconnected with some of our great farmers and producers like Camperdown Dairy and Longhursts Bakery and were able to restart a delivery service that will provide great produce from some of your local farmers and producers. You can be guaranteed that all of our products are delivered fresh to your home.

We have 4 children and 4 grandchildren which keeps us busy on the weekends with local sport. Jim is coaching our youngest daughter’s netball team and having visits from the grandchildren makes for fun weekends. We love being part of our community and love supporting sporting, school and kinder events.

If you ever want to ask a question or give us feedback and requests, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are always happy to help. We look forward to seeing you around the Neighbourhood.


Meet Tony

My name is Tony, I am your Geelong and District Victorian Famers Direct Milko. 

My family and I moved to Gelong in 1994 to start a cold storage business, which my eldest son now owns and operates. 

In recent years, my younger son and I have started a refrigerated transport and distribution business which specialises in organic drinks and fresh juice (some of which are available through Victorian Famers Direct!) My son now controls this business, which has allowed me to take on the Geelong region for Victorian Famers Direct. 

Having grown up in South Gippsland, I understand the importance of supporting farmers, which is why Victorian Famers Direct appealed to me.

Thank you in advance for being a farmer’s friend, I look forward to providing you with our great range of delicious, fresh products.


Meet John

Hi my name is John,

I was an Aussie Farmers Direct milkman for 10 years when the company collapsed. I had just completed a night milk run went to sleep and was woken by a call from my accountant who heard the news on the radio.

I always believed in the service of supporting our wonderful farmers and I knew of hundreds of loyal customers who also had the same belief.

I always believed in helping my customers make a positive change to their weekly shopping by supporting our trusted farmers, and avoiding the time consuming inconvenience of supermarket monopoly shopping.

I have always enjoyed supporting local community and school events so feel free to contact me with any enquiries. 

Together with your support I truly believe we can make a difference, and help our farmers survive and continue to enjoy locally produced safe fresh food for generations to come.


Meet Rohan

Hi, I’m Rohan and I have been running a grocery home delivery service around the inner west area for the past 10 years.

Vic Farmers Direct is a new home delivery service which offers fresh local produce to your door.

I’m originally from South Africa, but moved to Australia in 1995 to make Melbourne my home and what a great home it is.
My passion in life is to get as much local fresh produce to my customers, but with the smallest amount of impact on our environment.

I care about :
- Sourcing produce from local farmers so you know where your food comes from and the farmers who produce it.
- Delivering local and seasonal produce that helps minimise food mileage.
- Reducing the use of plastic through the use of paper bags and cardboard boxes, which we are also happy to recycle and reuse for you.
- Respecting livestock, by ensuring they are free to range and live a stress free life.

Vic Farmers is passionate about these elements too and are working every day to be better and better at it.

Happy shopping!